Plans have been submitted for an extension and major improvements to Brentwood High School and Sixth Form College in Sale.

If approved the scheme will include a new teaching wing to the school for 11 to 19-year-olds with severe learning difficulties and autism, opened in 2016.

The intention is for the school to increase its capacity from 150 to 230 pupils.

A design and access statement presented on Trafford council’s planning portal says the additional classrooms are needed for September. They will be provided by internal alterations in the existing school building.

The proposed single-storey school extension is in a linear-shaped block linking the ends of two existing teaching wings – ‘finger blocks’ – at the rear of the site.

The statement goes on: “The new extension will create an improved and high-quality flexible learning environment and will enable the school to deliver the curriculum requirements and meet the needs of the pupils and help them to reach their full potential.”

The extension will require the reconfiguration of the existing cycle track which will be retained ‘in a different format’ along with the relocation of the current bandstand and cycle shed, both of which are temporary structures.

The statement says: “The school prides itself on being a caring, friendly organisation and believes that every student will have the opportunity to thrive.”

It says Brentwood is a ‘happy, safe and inclusive school and college where students are valued and feel a sense of belonging’.

The school also has an external teaching area which it calls its ‘forest school’. It is a collection of picnic tables under trees that allow pupils to come into closer contact with nature during outdoor lessons in the summer.

Plans also include a ‘yurt’ – a temporary tent-like structure – currently between the two finger blocks will be relocated to the forest school area along with additional tree planting.

Warrington-based Galliford Try Construction Ltd has been appointed by Trafford council to design and build the development.