On the 21st of March, the Urmston Grammar Islamic Society hosted their very first iftar event, in partnership with Islamic relief. Iftar is the meal eaten at sunset, to break ones fast in Ramadan. During this month, there is a significant emphasis on community, thus this event was a great way for students, staff and their families to come together and celebrate this holy time of year. 

Not only was this event a wonderful community celebration, but also a charity event. One of the five pillars of Islam is Zakat (charity), and while it is important year-round; even more emphasis is placed upon it during Ramadan. Therefore, all money raised from this Iftar was donated to the Yemen Appeal, and the start of building a multi-faith prayer room in the school.  

Qari Yousaf Alenizy was a guest speaker at the event, and the ISOC Instagram (@urmstonisoc) states: “Allahuma barek the Qari's recitation reached many people's hearts and reminded us of how special Ramadan is- especially for the building of our community.” 

Following the recitation and Maghrib prayer, there was no hesitation in queuing up for the buffet. The buffet filled with a variety of warm meals serves as a reminder of our privilege, and the importance of the money we donate in helping others experience the same privilege.

Overall, this was a very successful first Iftar event, hosted by the amazing ISOC team, with the help of Islamic Relief. Looking forward to any future ISOC events!