Creating a school magazine from scratch!

As part of Urmston Grammar’s ‘Electives’ program, a group of students, including myself, were tasked with creating a physical copy of the previously online ‘Perspectives magazine’.

We began by selecting and getting to know the software program we planned to use. After securing funding for the software from the PTA, we were able to get started selecting a front cover from our ‘artists of the week’ creations. Following this, we created a shortlist of articles we planned to include covering a range of topics, from history to medicine, in order to make sure we had something for everyone to enjoy.

After finalising our list of articles, it was time to set a colour scheme and get cracking on putting everything together. It was definitely a task to ensure a coherent theme of colours, articles, and photos but the Perspectives editorial team was able to make it work and produce an amazing, visually appealing magazine.

The hours spent on page numbers and aligning text boxes were grueling, but in the end, it was ‘definitely worth it’ as described by a member of the team, as the end result left us all with a feeling of fulfilment.

Our main aim of making a physical magazine was so that the team could enter the ‘Shine School Media Awards’, in many categories, not just the articles which we had success in last year.

All in all, the dedication to the cause led us to create a product we were all very proud of and I know I am looking forward to receiving my copy once it has been printed!