A leading councillor has admitted he is powerless to prevent telecom masts appearing across Trafford.

At Wednesday’s full council meeting meeting Coun Stephen Adshead, the executive member for highways, environmental and traded services he responding to a question by Liberal Democrat Coun Simon Lepori over the BRSK company’s infrastructure rollout which is continuing in south Trafford.

Coun Lepori asked: “Does the council have information on where and when the next telegraph poles will be placed, as a rolling communication with BRSK.”

Coun Adshead responded by saying: “The council currently has no forward planning information for BRSK as they are only required to submit street works applications on a street-by-street basis four to six weeks prior to the works. 

“They are one of a number of companies working across the region. When there have been issues with their work, direct contact with BRSK representatives has not been an issue.”

Coun Lepori, who represents the Timperley Central ward, replied: “Many residents have raised concerns about the lack of information and notice given and often waking up to a new pole outside their house.”

However, Coun Adshead said: “The Conservative government gave these companies powers to do all the things that they are doing now.

“They do not have to inform the local authority of their intentions. We have no powers to intervene unless they are doing things like causing an obstruction.

“I am aware that some Conservative backbench MPs have raised this with the government, but I’m not aware that any changes have been made to the legislation.”

And he added: “Unfortunately, these companies are simply bypassing local authorities.”