A six-week delay in processing disabled badges for drivers is due to ageing IT systems council officers claim.

Trafford Council plan to switch to a new system to issue the parking permits – known as blue badges – in June. 

A report to the borough’s health scrutiny committee outlined the ‘customer journey’ which is being impacted by the current system C360.

The report by customer service lead Lucy Boubrahmi said it will be  ‘easier and quicker’ with the introduction of a new Microsoft Dynamics system.

Currently, 9,676 residents in Trafford have a blue car badge which are held for three years before they are reassessed.

Across the North West, there are 372,000 blue badges in circulation.

When people successfully apply for a badge, a fee of £10 is charged to cover the cost of producing and posting the badge. The net cost of producing the badge and posting it out is £4.34.

Ms Boubrahmi’s report said: “The introduction of the new customer relations management (CRM) platform should ensure an enhanced customer journey, making the application process much more straight forward.”

She said that continuing support for Trafford’s most vulnerable residents who are unable to self serve by completing forms over the phone, where a resident can complete an application in their own home, is being provided. 

Coun Simon Lepori, who works in the care sector, told the meeting that he regarded himself as a competent user of computers, but helping people complete the application process online was currently ‘a long and complicated process’.

Chair Coun Dylan Butt echoed his comments when he said: “I too have found this very difficult when helping people apply. The new computer system will be most welcome.”