I recently was able to experience the delight that was Flixton girls' school’s production of legally blonde Jr, a musical spin-off of the beloved movie ‘Legally Blonde’ produced in 2001 starring young Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods. Elle Wood’s is a fun, loving sorority girl who follows her true love to Harvard law school, here, she discovers her passion for law, graduating as valedictorian in the closing scenes of the musical. The students of Flixton girls school truly encapsulated the spirit of the production, the talent was astounding and the atmosphere in the room was electric. 

I was accompanied by my friend Amelia Tongue who, following the production, remarked that ‘Everyone was incredible, I really enjoyed the performance, and it was great to see such a wide range of young talent on display.’  

On the door, tickets fitting with Elle Woods’ adoration for anything pink, and programs were distributed which provided additional information about the cast. Within the hall, a variety of snacks and refreshments were available, led by the Friends of Flixton who support the school at countless events throughout the year. The effort poured into the production by staff, students and parents was evident and certainly paid off. The show felt professional, the props, expertly made by textiles students within the school, costumes fitting perfectly to each character and excellent lighting including a spotlight brought the stage to life. Standing ovations were common during the bows, presenting the amazement from friends and family watching their young ones sing and act their hearts out. 

The students at Flixton girls' school were remarkable, the talent shown by students as young as 12 was certainly special, I was privileged to have seen the production and implore others to purchase tickets to any upcoming shows, it really would be with your time.