At this time of year, students across the nation are receiving decisions from the Universities they have applied for and may be struggling with how to make their choices, and potentially the idea of moving away from home. I interviewed ex-Urmston Grammar student, Musa Khan, who is now a first-year law student at the University of Dundee and talked to him about his tips and advice for students wanting to move away to university this year. 

Musa moved from Manchester to Dundee, which he had never even visited before, putting him in a completely new environment. Not only in terms of education, but also everything from friends to his surroundings. According to Musa, finding friends was the most difficult thing, but also what helps you settle in. He said that “joining societies helps you find friends, especially if you make sure to join ones that fit your interests,” and he further commented on how taking part in Freshers activities also helps make the transition easier. A piece of advice he felt necessary to give to students moving away from home in 2024 is to learn how to cook a variety of cheap and easy meals before moving away, as he had to figure it all out himself, on top of balancing studying and a social life. 

Alongside moving away from home, the actual studying aspect of university is just as daunting to many, especially those looking to do academically challenging degrees. According to Musa, the workload is not too different from A-Levels, and the expectations are the same as in Sixth Form; “you just have to make sure you are constantly revising and going through content, as you would for A-Levels.” The part he found to be more different from A-Levels is how self-reliant universities are. He notes how it’s much easier to miss your lectures or get distracted from studying. He emphasised the importance of developing and maintaining a good routine to prevent that from happening. 

Musas final piece of advice- “don’t be afraid to talk to new people and remember that you’re all going through the same thing.”