Snow in Manchester 

With the surprising arrival of lasting snow, students at Urmston Grammar sixth form school enjoyed their free periods through large snowball fights on the white-blanketed school field 

These snowball fights brought a few moments of fun and excitement in between knuckling down and revising for their upcoming mock exams next week. The laughter and smiles were infectious as all involved picked up handfuls of snow to hurl at their friends.

other students used the snow for a game of football, enjoying the new layer on the ground to see who could bypass the other team without slipping. 

students described the influx of snow as an exciting surprise, most very happy about it despite the cold creeping in, and even argued that ‘the snowball fights made my day, most fun I’ve had at school in a long time’ 

I think it’s clear to say that the snow brought new levels of fun to the sixth-form students who needed a break from their hard work and revision