A former columnist for Messenger has written a self-help book which will be launched in a local bookshop. 

Author Wayne Devlin is set to host an evening at Urmston Bookshop on Flixton Road on Thursday, January 17, to celebrate the release of his new book, 'The Kybalion Code: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World'.

The book is inspired by key principles from the mystical ancient text, The Kybalion, and promises to help people who seek personal development "in the modern world.

Readers are guided through the intricate layers of the Hermetic principles, offering insights that can be applied to everyday challenges, relationships and personal goals.

The Kybalion Code serves as a practical personal guide to integrating esoteric knowledge into everyday life through principles like mentalism, polarity, rhythm, cause and effect, and more.

As a respected figure in charity and community work, Wayne Devlin's mission extends beyond the pages of his book as he hopes to inspire positive change on a global scale.

Tickets cost £5 to attend and can be redeemed when purchasing the book at the event.

The book launch event will feature a talk about the book by Wayne Devlin followed by a Q&A session, book sale and signing opportunity.