Details in this article were correct at the time of writing, on 29/12/23.

Local residents around Chorlton have expressed their feelings towards roadworks making their commutes a “nightmare”. 

The junction creating these roadworks is the junction of Barlow Moor Road/High Lane and Sandy Lane, opposite Chorlton Central Church. 

Councillor Tracey Rawlins, Executive Member for Environment and Transport, said last year: “This walking and cycling route will be another step towards the Council’s plan to be zero-carbon by 2038 as well as providing a wealth of benefits for the communities it runs through.” 

The multi-way signals in place at the junction of Barlow Moor Road/High Lane and Sandy Lane are part of the Chorlton 3B project. When finished it will create a CYCLOPS ‘Cycle Optimised Protected Signal’ junction, which fully separates bikes, pedestrians, and traffic. (Source

They were put in place on 12/09/23, and are due to be removed on 15/01/24.

I spoke to some residents about how they felt about the plans, and the traffic that roadworks may create.

“It’s great that they’re, you know, future-thinking and all of that” said Margaret, a local resident. “And I do think what they’re doing is important. I just am so fed up of a previously 10 minute journey taking 25 minutes because I have to sit in traffic for so long. I'm really in despair over it, it’s a nightmare”

Not everyone I spoke to felt this way.

“I think it’s just a necessary evil, and we’ve just got to get on with it until it’s gone.” said Winnie, another local resident. “My grandson’s always on his bike, and I do worry about him going on the busy roads. It’ll definitely make me feel better about that once it’s done”.

What do you think about the roadworks, and the plans to expand cycle infrastructure in Manchester?