This Christmas, Manchester has been filled with wreath making workshops whether it be in a café or a pub they have taken the interest of the community and could easily be called the biggest craze of Christmas 2023.

The idea of wreath making dates back to the Persian Empire. The purpose of the wreaths was for the people to see them as diadems like a sign of power or authority. The wreaths would be worn as a headdress to reflect the symbolism of power. The pagan holiday of Yule also uses wreaths to mark the winter season to celebrate Christmas. The holiday of Yule lasts for 12 days and the wreaths symbolised nature and the promise of spring. The purpose of wreaths has shifted as now for some people, Christmas wreaths are not meant to be religious symbols but rather are strictly for decoration. Today, a wreath that's hanging on someone's door at Christmas may more simply be to invite the spirit of Christmas into the home along with good luck rather than to symbolise inviting Jesus into the home. This is most likely linked to the decline of belief in the faith of Christianity in England as there has been more of a shift to a belief in Atheism.

Locally, wreath workshops have been held at a number of venues including Kin Bakehouse & Kitchen. One such event was held on the 7th December with @kates_shed as advertised on Instagram. Kate shared her floristry wisdom with those who attended and taught them how make a gorgeous Christmas wreath. Participants were also treated to a selection of delicious Christmassy Kin bakes and a glass of mulled wine, which was included in the ticket price. An attendee stated, “It was a lovely way to spend an evening creating a personalised Christmas craft at a relaxed and informative event.”

So, if you missed out on attending one of these events in 2023 make sure to keep an eye out in the local community for next year's Autumn and Christmas wreath making workshops!