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Headway- a new barber is in town

Article By Max Vernon

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440 Flixton Road

Hedi Cut, the new, professional barbers on Flixton high street, opened less than 6 months ago. After my interview, it becomes clear that a glamourous technique and entrepreneurial style is not the only thing that it has been enriched with.

The barber’s site has had a deep history that has been woven into Flixton Village for over 100 years. In 1923, the quaint little road we know to be Flixton road, was deprived of a barber, up until one person, Jenny, decided to set up shop a few houses from Flixton bridge and opposite the train station.

For decades, Flixton was a small hub of the cotton-industry - a small village in ‘Cottonopolis,’ as Manchester was dubbed. A few roads down from Jenny’s would have still retained some factory-style architecture from the industrial revolution, even after WW1. This means that the train route was well developed and immensely popular. Anyone walking fifty paces uphill to the high street would immediately see the iconic barbershop symbol.

As a result, the shop prospered, up until the point where the barber retired, and the building was sold onto another aspiring barber. Terry.

 Many customers will have recognised the name. Here, the building was imprinted into our cultural memory. After over 45 years of haircutting though, it was time that Terry’s building was handed to someone else. A new, entrepreneurial, fashionable barber, arguably better than Terry himself. It was in 2018 that the site was claimed, but less than half a year ago that it first opened shop. It has been here, at the heart of Flixton high-street, possibly longer than any other remaining building. It was here that Hedi Cut was born.

Furthermore, in my interview with him, Mr Hedi explained that he made an exciting discovery. Whilst developing the basement, he found an advertisement dating all the way back to before 1923, that’s over 100 years ago when it first opened, and the approval on it dates back even to the reign of king George the fifth! This image may be viewed in those attached to the article.

After asking him, Mr Hedi was also pleased to gift aspiring customers with information, explaining that although his shop is relatively new, it has thrived, and is ‘very busy throughout the week,’ which I can only infer is due to his experience in the art form.

Mr Hedi clearly enjoys his profession, and that shows in the hairstyles of his customers, whether it’s a crew cut, a slick back and sides, or even a clean shave, Hedi Cut is the place to go. After visiting his vibrant shop, I for one, would be glad to become a future customer.

Article By Max Vernon