Since the 24th of May 2023, Dolores O’Sullivan has been Mayor of Trafford and has recently reflected on this opportunity with me.

Councillor Dolores O’Sullivan joined Trafford Council in 2010, and since this time she has represented both Stretford and Flixton wards and has also served on several committees.

Dolores O’Sullivan, who will be Mayor until May 2024, has already been involved in over140 community engagements in just her first 6 month in the role. Some of these include Black History Month 2023 Civic Launch at Manchester Cathedral, Uniformed Services Day with Trafford Veterans, and the Trafford Careers Barge Trip. Reflecting on her first few months of her time as Mayor, she said ‘Because of this opportunity, I have able to take part in lots of events which I previously didn’t know existed.’ A particular highlight for her was the visit to the Transport Museum which she visited and enjoyed lunch on a steam train with other Mayors and Councillors.

During her time as Mayor, she has been highly active in her work for many local charities, attending numerous functions and events which were raising money for their charities. Alongside this, Dolores is also raising money for three specific charities which she is supporting: The Little Green Sock Project, Trafford Domestic Abuse Services and Médecins Sans Frontieres. She will be raising money for these charities through hosting events such wine tasting evenings, quiz nights and civic services. Previously, Dolores O’Sullivan has also hosted afternoon teas, open to the whole community in order to raise  money for these charities. This was held in late September and was a huge success, raising £700 in total. Dolores O’Sullivan believes the most important job in being a mayor is to ’go and thank the numerous volunteers who do the work yet often go unseen.’

For these events, Dolores would welcome any donations of raffle prizes, all proceeds will go to the mayor charities. In order to donate, please visit the mayoral website -