The Macclesfield Treacle market is held on the last Sunday of every month- apart from December wherein it is the Sunday before Christmas. Such a community event brings in large crowds even in cold November as 150 stalls of artisans of all trades from guitar making, to crocheting, to cooking gather from 10 ‘till 3 for participation in this special event. The market spans the length of the town centre, culminating at the Town Hall.

After the hit local businesses have faced during multiple lockdowns and the cost of living crisis, it is encouraging to see that such support for local businesses can thrive in spaces like these. Starting in 2010, the market is named after Macclesfield’s reputation as a ‘treacle town’ stemming from a centuries-old incident of a horse-drawn wagon overturning full of treacle onto the cobblestone streets. Though Macclesfield still retains much of its cobbled streets, there is a distinct lack of treacle and yet, the name lives on. A fitting title for such a historic town. 

When asked what the market does for the community, stall holder Kate Ward noted that ‘It really helps local businesses getting that support from near and far’, her stall of handmade crafts nearly sold out after a busy market day is a testament to this. Alongside stalls, St Michael & And All Angles Church next to the Town Hall put on a church choir recital open to the public, which added to the atmosphere of the event representing the doors, both metaphorically and physically, opened for this community by the market.

Stall holder Kate of ‘The Maiden Mother and Crone’ is celebrating her 10th year at the Treacle market, commented on the amount of neurodivergent support for stall holders and praised the event organisers who ‘don’t duplicate stalls [so] there’s lots of variety’. Just by walking around it is clear to see how unique an opportunity this market presents to see the breadth of creative pursuits in the local area and enjoy some great food. With such a positive impact on the community, it is easy to see why this special market is so popular.