Finally it’s here! Hamilton, one of the most talked about, most lauded shows in recent years is now in Manchester for the first time.

And boy, has it been worth waiting for.

Simply put it’s an astonishing show that you have to see. It’s powerful, compelling and flawless and has a story which you are invested in throughout.

Unless you are a student of American history the name Alexander Hamilton probably won’t mean much. But it should and Hamilton shows why.

Messenger Newspapers: HAMILTON TOUR. Sam Oladeinde as Aaron Burr. Photo by Danny Kaan

A West Indian immigrant who became George Washington’s right hand man during the Revolutionary Wars which saw America free itself from British rule, Hamilton played a pivotal role in creating the country.

Hamilton is the forgotten founding father who shall be forgotten no more.

The fact that a musical about a little known figure at a time of great political machinations in a country thousands of miles away is so engaging is a testament to its quality.

Hamilton is a musical like no other. Its blend of hip hop, rap, soul, jazz and blues is mindblowing. The vocal pyrotechnics displayed by the entire cast just leaves you in awe.

And the depth of storyline is again hard to believe. This is no cursory look using the characters merely as vehicles for some songs. No this is an in-depth, history lesson of the highest quality which you can’t wait to discover what is going to happen next.

Messenger Newspapers: Charles Simmons as George Washington and Company. Photo by Danny Kaan

If Six, a brilliant show in its own right about the wives of Henry VIII, is a history A-level; Hamilton is the first class honours masters doctorate. Honestly it’s astonishing. And I bet if you are lucky enough to see the show you’ll be heading on to Google the next day to discover more about this fascinating period.

It’s very rare you see a show where absolutely everything works. But this version of Hamilton is impossible to fault.

The attention to detail, the precision of the routines, the peerless vocal harmonies all add up to a memorable night out.

Shaq Taylor plays Hamilton and we watch him develop from the brash, confident arriviste from the West Indies determined to make his mark on a changing world to a figure who is weighed down by his feeling of both destiny and duty. Shaq Taylor makes Hamilton a very human character and one we, as an audience, believe in totally.

His nemesis is Aaron Burr, played by Sam Oladeinde, a consummate political operator who has mastered the art of fence sitting and who is jealous of Hamilton’s increasing influence.

All the principal characters simply bring history to life. Charles Simmons as George Washington, Billy Nevers as Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson, MK Drew Boateng as Mulligan and James Madison are all excellent.

Messenger Newspapers: HAMILTON TOUR. Maya Britto, Aisha Jawando and Gabriela Benedetti. Photo by Danny Kaan

Maya Britto as Eliza Hamilton and Aisha Jawando as Angelica Schuyler bring the sass and spectacular vocals.

Special mention for Daniel Boys as King George, a comedy masterclass as the misguided monarch who thinks these colonial upstarts will soon be put in their place.

And every member of the ensemble deserves praise. Their energy is amazing and their movement and vocals add so much to the show.

Hamilton is a blockbuster of a show. This is a West End or Broadway production brought to Manchester. The set is simple but oh, so effective,. There are no pyrotechnics or special effects, just a very clever revolving section of stage and a couple of walkways.

But every little thing has a purpose.

Unlike many in the audience I’d never seen the show either in the West End or on Disney +. Faced with all the advanced publicity, was it all hype? Believe me, whatever you say, you cannot do this show justice.

It’s a show which has redefined the musical.

Hamilton is at the Palace until February 24. Details from