A plan for a dozen apartments on a car park which caused controversy in the community was given the green light by Trafford Council.

The plan for a dozen homes on the site on Pennybridge Lane, next to Trafford FC, was submitted to the council around six months ago.

The applicant, MSV Housing, aims for the one-bedroom apartments to be accommodation for those taking the next steps from homelessness. 

The application results in the loss of dozens of spaces from the car park used by supporters of Trafford FC as well as visitors to William Wroe.

It caused controversy for this reason and other reasons, such as the impact on the residents on Shawe View, one of whom – Ellie Smith – addressed the Planning Committee when it met at the town hall last week.

The Planning Committee considered the development over summer but it deferred its decision to allow for amendments, such as the relocation of the development around 10m to the south, further from Shawe View.

Ms Smith said: "We implore the committee to reject this application [because] the impact on the community outweighs the benefit to 12 individuals."

Rachel O'Connor, of MSV Housing, addressed the Planning Committee on the need for this type of accommodation in Trafford.

It is understood there are around 200 households in the Trafford Council area in temporary accommodation at the time of writing.

Ms O'Connor said: "This proposal presents the only opportunity available to us to deliver this type of accommodation in Trafford."

All but one councillor on the committee, its vice-chair Laurence Walsh, supported the development during the discussion.

Meena Minnis summed up the consensus on the committee when she said the development does "more good than harm".

Cllr Minnis said: "This is a lot better than what was presented last time. Yes, there is the loss of the car park, but the balance is there is more good than harm."

The plan was given the green light to a cry of "shameful" from one onlooker at the town hall.

This article was written by Jack Tooth. To contact him, email jack.tooth@newsquest.co.uk or follow @JTRTooth on Twitter.