A yellow weather warning has been put in place in Trafford which is expected to cause delays for morning commuters.

The Met Office issued the warning just before 3am this morning (October 25) due to dense fog which is anticipated to slow journey times down with delays to bus and train services until 11am.

Issued at 2.56am on their website, the Met Office said: “Areas of fog are expected to continue to develop this morning becoming dense with visibility falling to below 100m in places.

“This will lead to difficult driving conditions, slower journey times and some disruption. The fog will slowly clear after sunrise but may take until late morning to do so in a few locations.”

Motorists have been urged to make sure they know where their fog light switch is before setting off.

The Met Office has advised drivers to keep a bigger distance between themselves and the car in front, be prepared for a sudden bank of fog, or drifting, patchy fog, and to check mirrors and slow down before entering it.

The proper guidance for using fog lights is to switch them on when visibility drops below 100m, which is roughly the length of a football pitch, and drivers should be aware of the difference between fog lights and full beam, their full beam – with fog reflecting the light back for the latter.

The Met Office has also advised those using public transport to check bus and train timetables before leaving for the best chance of avoiding delays to their journey.