The case of a GMP officer who lied about being sick before going on holiday was one of more than 20 considered by a tribunal in the last three months.

A list of outcomes released last week revealed 12 employees either were dismissed or would have been dismissed if still with the force over the summer.

Those who were dismissed included a police constable who lied about being sick before going on holiday. She claimed to be at home whilst she was at the airport.

There was a police constable who made inappropriate comments in the workplace and a police constable who sent inappropriate messages to a vulnerable woman.

Meanwhile two staff members were convicted of offences relating to criminal damage and indecent images respectively, and another touched a colleague inappropriately on a night out, then used offensive language towards this colleague and used offensive language towards the driver of a taxi.

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Those who would have been dismissed if still with the force included a police constable convicted of controlling and coercive behaviour.

There was a staff member who accessed the email of a senior officer without permission and a staff member who made inappropriate relationships with a vulnerable woman breaching Data Protection in the process.

A total of two police constables, two police sergeants and a staff member received a written warning. Their wrongdoings ranged from abusing their position for a sexual purpose to showing aggression to a colleague.

Some employees were cleared after an investigation including four who were accused of failing to protect a member of the public and one who was accused of assisting a colleague with an interview by sending the questions to them.

The total number of 22 cases considered by tribunals in the last three months is more than the 20 cases considered by tribunals in the previous three months.

The total number of cases in 2022 was close to 100. 

This article was written by Jack Tooth. To contact him, email or follow @JTRTooth on Twitter.