Poco,” The Sony / BMG A’s and B’s” (BGO Records)- This criminally underrated country-rock outfit were formed by guitarists Richie Furay and Jim Messina in 1968 after the sad demise of the great Buffalo Springfield, their creative collaboration with future rock luminaries Stephen Stills and Neil Young. Poco’s own recorded output has rarely achieved the same level of mass popularity but the band’s genre defining brand of music making always repays closer investigation despite the seemingly endless string of line-up changes which has dogged them over the years. This excellent new anthology from the good people at BGO Records focusses attention on the contents of the various singles that the many incarnations of Poco have recorded for Sony and BMG over the years, including digitally remastered versions of bona fide Richie Furay classics such as “A Good Feelin’ To Know,” “And Setttlin’ Down” and “Just For Me And You.”

Manfred Mann, “Hits From The Sixties” (Umbrella Music)- The outfit formed and led in typically low-key fashion by South African keyboardist Manfred Mann enjoyed two distinct phases of chart success during their sixties heyday. The group’s early recordings with vocalist Paul Jones mined a rich vein of highly commercial white r&b via hits such as “Do Wah Diddy Diddy” and “Pretty Flamingo,” but when Jones left the fold in 1966 to pursue a solo career his equally gifted replacement Mike D’Abo helped to steer the Manfreds away from their jazz and soul roots without compromising their musical appeal. A string of easy on the ear chart singles followed, including inspired Dylan covers such as “Just Like A Woman” and 1968’s chart topping “Mighty Quinn” and pop tunesmith Tony Hazzard’s infectious “Ha! Ha! Said The Clown” and “Fox On The Run.” Nostalgia has rarely sounded more attractive or appealing.

Muddy Waters,”Hollywood Blues Summit” (Wienerworld)- This commanding performance from the legendary electric bluesman was recorded at Los Angeles’ Ash Grove Club in July 1971. A whole host of musical luminaries had appeared there over the years and Muddy Waters and his all star band regaled the discerning audience at this prestigious venue with the cream of the great man’s back catalogue, including powerful renditions of classic creations such as “I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man,” “Got My Mojo Working “ and “Long Distance Call.”