A Timperley football coach’s sudden heart scare has inspired a Park Road gym to install a defibrillator.

Sean Salinger Fitness on Timperley’s Park Road Estate raised funds to install the life-saving device after coach Darren Storey suffered a sudden heart issue that left him in hospital.

Darren said: “Anyone, however healthy, is at risk from a sudden cardiac arrest which may have devastating consequences so it’s vital that defibrillators are more easily accessible to prevent potential tragedies.

“Experiencing a sudden heart issue makes you very aware of your mortality. I’m more conscious than ever of where to access support if someone has a cardiac arrest.

“After my experience, I ended up in hospital and was worrying about work.

“My son Sam simply said: ‘They can get a replacement estimator, but I can’t get another dad.’ That was hard to hear.

“Life is precious and it’s important we do all we can to help others so I’m eager to create awareness of where people can access a defibrillator in case it’s ever needed.”

Darren, who has had multiple roles with Unicorn Athletic Junior FC for more than 25 years, including setting up the club's walking football sessions, is now highlighting the importance of increased access to life-saving defibrillators.

His mission inspired members of Sean Salinger Fitness to raise funds for a defibrillator that has now been installed outside the gym and is available 24/7 to all members of the community.

Gym owner, Sean Salinger, said: “Darren’s story really hit home. Cardiac arrests can affect anyone, however healthy. We’re proud to provide a potentially life-saving defibrillator to benefit the whole community.

“It’s available for use 24/7 all year round and has been provided thanks to our members’ generosity in fund-raising, plus donations and support from local business.

“It has been a truly humbling experience. One of our members is a paramedic and he’s also providing life-saving CPR lessons and in defibrillator use to help the community.”