A calypso legend who brought a taste of Trinidad to Trafford was remembered for his contribution to the culture of the area when a plaque was revealed in Stretford.

Aldwyn Roberts, or Lord Kitchener, arrived in the UK on the Empire Windrush on June 22, 1948, alongside hundreds of other migrants from across the West Indies.

Born on April 18, 1922, in Arima, Trinidad, to parents Albertha and Stephen, but an orphan by the time he was a teenager, Lord Kitchener was popular on his home island when he arrived on these shores.

This popularity translated into success in the UK thanks to songs which captured the experiences of the West Indians in the country, from I Can't Stand The Cold In Winter to London Is The Place For Me.


Although Lord Kitchener claimed the capital was the place for him, he lived at several addresses in Manchester and Trafford, including one house on Brooks Road.

It was at this house a plaque was revealed last Wednesday, the day before Windrush Day, in the presence of attendees such as Trafford Council's leader Tom Ross and the former Mayor of Trafford Whit Stennett. There were readings by Dr Anthony Joseph, Dr Ken McIntyre, Doretta Maynard and the current Mayor of Trafford Dolores O'Sullivan and music on the steelpan by Ronnie 'General' Walfall.

Cllr Ross said: "Lord Kitchener was a great entertainer who brought life to Manchester. He brought calypso to the UK as well as owning nightclubs. He is a great example of how the Windrush Generation have contributed to society so it was fitting we have unveiled a plaque in his honour on the anniversary of the Empire Windrush’s arrival.

"It was a privilege to be at the unveiling to honour a legend of Trinidad and Trafford."

In 1962, Lord Kitchener left behind Brooks Road and returned to his home island, where his calypso for the carnival earned him the title of 'The Road March King' in 10 out of the next 14 years.

He died in Port of Spain in 2000. 

This article was written by Jack Tooth. To contact him, email jack.tooth@newsquest.co.uk or follow @JTRTooth on Twitter.