Staff and customers were forced to evacuate the Costco store in Trafford on Monday (June 12) after torrential rain came pouring down inside.

Manchester Honey Company posted a video on social media showing rain falling through the ceiling, causing flooding to the shop with customers' shopping trips disrupted.

The major leaks came when heavy rain and thunderstorms hit Greater Manchester on Monday following weeks without any rainfall.

In the caption of Manchester Honey Company's video, they wrote: "We were shopping in Costco when the storm finally hit. The water was pouring through the roof.

"Eventually they rang the fire alarm and evacuated everyone. It was like a waterpark."

The video footage shows a major puddle forming on the floor while the rain pours down relentlessly, with many shoppers watching and filming and others deciding to try and exit the store.

It is unknown how much damage was caused to the store at Trafford Park, off Barton Dock Road in Stretford.