Steve Dawson,”Eyes Closed, Dreaming” (Black Hen Music)- Canadian born and Nashville based musician Dawson’s name has become synonymous with eclecticism and consumate artistry since he began his performing career some three decades ago, and his latest album for Black Hen Music is a typically wide ranging and soulful affair. Steve’s choice of subject matter ranges from timeless traditional ballads to twenties jazz and subtly memorable ditties such as John Hartford’s “Let Him Go On Mama” and Bobby Charles’ “Small Town Talk,” aided and abetted by top notch sidemen including Tim O’Brien and Fats Kaplin.

Angela Strehli, “Ace of Blues” (Antone’s / New West Records)- Highly regarded blues vocalist Angela Strehli may be well into her mid seventies now but she clearly feels that the time is right to make a long overdue return to recording activity after a hiatus of more than seventeen years.”Ace of Blues” is the result, relaunching the legendary Antone’s Records impact with a genuine flourish as Angela and her musical soulmates bring a lifetime’s experience to bear on a set whose contents run the gamut from Chuck Berry’s “You Never Can Tell” to Howlin Wolf’s “Howlin’ For My Darling” before closing with “SRV,” Strehli’s heartfelt tribute to her old friend, the late lamented Stevie Ray Vaughan.

“Goin’ Round In My Mind-The Merrell Fankhauser Anthology 1964-1979” (Grapefruit / Cherry Red)- This 6 CD set focusses attention on the various garage bands and psychedelic outfits that this legendary cult figure has been involved with over the years. Singer-guitarist Fankhauser enjoyed a brief glimpse of local chart success in California with the relatively innocuous teen pop of The Exiles but he’s best remembered these days for his later excursions into psychedelia, highly sought after collector’s items in vinyl form such as “Fapardokly” and HMS Bounty’s “Things.” The inclusion of a string of bonus tracks lends added charm to this fascinating historical artefact.