Nickel Creek,"Celebrants" (Thirty Tigers)- Chris Thile and Sean and Sara Watkins took the decision to put their musical exploits as Nickel Creek on the back burner after the release of their 2014 album,"A Dotted Line," choosing instead to pursue a variety of solo projects which provided alternative vehicles for their renowned creativity. The much loved acoustic trio have now finally been tempted to join forces once again after this lengthy hiatus, and "Celebrants" is the result. The contents aren't immediately accessible on first hearing,requiring repeated listenings to really make their presence felt, with a few stand-out tracks eventually emerging in the shape of "Where The Long Line Leads" and "Holding Pattern."

Dallahan,”Speak of the Devil” (Self Released)- The genre busting Scottish outfit’s fourth studio album mines a rich vein of creative influences as it draws on elements of Scottish and Irish traditional music, gypsy melodies and traces of jazz, Balkan music and bluegrass along the way. Dallahan’s decision to record the contents of “Speak of the Devil” completely live as a band lends a feeling of added spontaneity to the life enhancing brand of World Folk which this distinctive quartet have perfected during their decade or so together, with accordion ace Andrew Waite and newly recruited fiddler Benedict Morris in particularly fine fettle throughout this splendid set.

Malcolm Holcombe,”Bits & Pieces” (Proper Music/Need To Know)- Listening to “Bits & Pieces” it isn’t too difficult to un derstand why roots music luminaries such as Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle and Lucinda Williams should speak of his work in such glowing terms. Malcolm’s perceptive insights into the human condition are delivered in the world weary tones of someone who’s no stranger to life’s trials and tribulations, and this compelling singer-songwriter’s 18th album benefits, as always, from the invaluable presence of his perennial musical partner, the supremely gifted multi-instrumentalist Jared Tyler.