Twink, “Think Pink” (Floating World)- This mildly deranged slice of psychedelia dates from 1970 , and found the former Pretty Things drummer joining forces with some of his old bandmates, members of counter cultural icons The Deviants and Steve Peregrine Took of Tyrannosaurus fame in a heady celebration of the delights of unfettered imagination.Took also contributed two songs to this supremely uncommercial masterwork, expanded here into a 2CD set with the inclusion of half a dozen bonus tracks and mono and stereo versions of the complete album. Stand-out tracks “The Sparrow Is A Sign” and “The Coming of the Other One” capture the essence of Twink’s delightfully varied approach to the art of music-making, with guitarist Paul Rudolph in commanding form throughout.

Katie Henry / Will Jacobs /Ghalia Volt, “Blues Caravan 2022” (Ruf Records)- This splendid audio-visual package was recorded live at an intimate venue in the German city of Koblenz earlier this year as it showcases the combined talents of three of the finest young practitioners of the blues operating in the genre today. Raw and passionate music-making is the order of the day throughout the three performers’ gritty live sets, with some fine self penned material nestling snugly alongside energised revamps of Little Richard’s “Keep A Knockin’” and John Fogerty’s “Fortunate Son.”

“Bonham-Bullick” (Quarto Valley Records)- “Bonham-Bullick” is a fine artistic collaboration bringing together the combined talents of Belfast born guitarist Peter Bullick and highly regarded blues,rock and soul vocalist Deborah Bonham. The critically acclaimed sister of Led Zeppelin’s late lamented percussion powerhouse John Bonham is in particularly fine fettle here as she applies her distinctive musical imprint to classic ditties such as Stephen Stills’ “Sit Yourself Down” and Mark Lanegan’s “Bleeding Muddy Water.”