Montrose,"I Got The Fire-Complete Recordings 1973-1976" (Cherry Red)- This splendid 6 CD set focusses attention on the collected output of Californian rockers Montrose, drawing on the four albums that they recorded for Warner Brothers during the early seventies alongside a selection of bonus tracks, demos and the contents of two Sausalito radio sessions from the same period. The band's self titled 1973 debut set is a particular delight, with guitarist Ronnie Montrose and vocalist Sammy Hagar in particularly fine fettle as they hurtled through high energy gems such as "Bad Motor Scooter," "Rock The Nation" and "Space Station #5."

Word’s of a Fiddler’s Daughter,”The Tears of Jenny Greenteeth” ( Under The Eaves)- This mesmerising adaptation of a traditional folk tale is the latest offering from the unique trio formed by masters of folk improvisation Murray Grainger and Adam Summerhayes and Adam’s poetically inclined daughter Jessie. She weaves the beguiling narrative spell as demon fiddler Summerhayes and accordion ace Grainger supply the spontaneous musical backdrop for this enchanting exploration of the conflict between nature and material greed.

Linda Gail Lewis,”Family Jewels” (Wienerworld)- The piano pounding younger sister of rock’n’roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis has been pursuing a solo career since the early nineties, and this enjoyable audio-visual package captures her crowd pleasing performance at a venue in France in 2015. Her set list is not surprisingly liberally peppered with classic creations from the golden age of rock including “Roll Over Beethoven,” “Long Tall Sally” and “All Shook Up,” and Linda also finds time to revisit a few well chosen family favourites such as her illustrious male sibling’s iconic “Great Balls of Fire.”