A "spectacular" garden in Altrincham has featured on an ITV show after being selected and praised by Alan Titchmarsh. 

A garden, which was designed by the Bramhall-based and award-winning garden designer, Creative Gardens and Driveways company, featured on ITV's Love Your Garden last week.

The space caught the eye of the gardening pro and TV presenter, Alan Titchmarsh, and his team who complimented its modern outdoor living zones, including its areas for cooking, dining, lounging and relaxing.

The garden also boasts an expansive kitchen and bar area for entertaining which sits alongside a "stunning" water blade fountain which leads to the immaculately landscaped lawn.

David Hadley, who owns Creative Gardens and Driveways, gave Titchmarsh a tour of the project off-camera where the pair shared their passion for gardening.

Mr Hadley said: “We were honoured to welcome Alan and his team to this Altrincham project.

 “This garden appealed to the Love Your Garden team as it showcases so many ways to maximise outdoor living space, whether that’s enjoying a quiet drink in the evenings, entertaining friends or relaxing and playing as a family. 

“The garden also included a challenge many homeowners face in designing gardens that are not simple flat squares."

The landscaper explained how the garden was positioned on a slope with various levels, but the designers were able to turn this into an advantage by utilising the different heights to create "themed focal points" throughout the garden.

He added: "Alan Titchmarsh was particularly complimentary of the different zones within the garden. 

"Receiving praise from such an esteemed horticultural expert was incredibly rewarding for our entire team. 

"We are extremely passionate about creating inspiring gardens across Cheshire and Alan’s recognition has further fuelled this as we turn our attention to exciting new projects.”

Since appearing on the show, the company has been inundated with comments from clients and other industry professionals which Mr Hadley said is "lovely".

However, he also reflected on his two-decade-long journey into the industry, which all stated with the support of a loan from the Prince's Trust to turn his business vision to life.

Founded by Charles, the Prince of Wales in 1976, the trust works to facilitate education, training and work for young people.

Mr Hadley said: “Receiving that early loan from the Prince’s Trust was life-changing.

“It gave me the funding to start my business but also the confidence of knowing an organisation with royal connections believed in my ability. 

"I felt a sense of duty to make my business a success in recognition of that loan and, having grown to 20 strong team today, I particularly enjoy helping support young employees in reaching their own career goals.

"Working outdoors in Cheshire isn’t always easy with our challenging ground and weather conditions but with over 24 years in the industry, we have the experience and passion to transform every project into something beautiful."