Various Artists, “Deep in the Woods- Pastoral Psychedelia & Funky Folk 1968-1975” (Cherry Red)- Cherry Red Records can always be relied upon to come up with fascinating archive anthologies at fairly regular intervals, and “Deep in the Woods” is thankfully no exception to the rule. This beautifully packaged 3 CD set explores the marriage of traditional folk and interesting new psychedelic studio techniques during the late sixties and early seventies, drawing on contributions from a whole host of performers whose vinyl outpourings have become highly sought after collector’s items during the past fifty years or so. Artists such as Trees, Mellow Candle and Trader Horne all make telling contributions to the proceedings, and compiler Richard Norris has also found space for two subtly memorable extracts from the albums that singer-songwriter Bridget St. John recorded for John Peel’s short lived Dandelion label in the shape of “Fly High” and “Silver Coin.”

Twink,”Mr.Rainbow” (Floating World)- Colchester born John Charles Edward Alder is probably better known as Twink, the one time Pretty Things and Pink Fairies drummer who was responsible for creating one of the minor masterworks of English psychedelia in the shape of 1970’s “Think Pink.” Twink certainly didn’t rush to record a follow up solo set in order to capitalise on the critical acclaim which greeted this iconic offering and ”Mr.Rainbow” didn’t actually see the light of day until 1990, when he joined forces with future Cockney Rebel guitarist Robbie Gladwell and drummer Andy Dowding to deliver a much more tightly focussed celebration of the delights of old school rock featuring stand-out tracks such as “Psychedelic Punkeroo” and an interesting assortment of revamped gems from his former outfit’s back catalogues including “Wargirl,” “The Snake” and “Baron Saturday.”

Will Jacobs, “Goldfish Blues” (Ruf Records)- Thomas Ruf’s excellent Ruf Records operation continues to provide an invaluable outlet for a whole new generation of aspiring young blues performers from around the globe, and this grittily compelling new offering from Chicago singer and guitarist Will Jacobs represents the latest addition to their catalogue.The contents were recorded in the space of one short week in Berlin’s Big D studio, with “Come Back To Me,” “I Wish” and “Goldfish Blues” itself emerging as the best of a funky and soulful bunch.