A woman who started her dog grooming business in 2014 when she was aged 20 is hoping it will be third time lucky as she sets up at her new Urmston site.

Emily Hunter, owner of Short, Bark & Sides, featured in The Messenger back in 2015 following a series of utility cuts thought to be caused by nearby building contractors.

She was forced up sticks and move to a converted stables, but the wooden structure meant that both hot temperatures in summer and cold snaps in winter would stall business.

The final straw saw Emily forced to cancel a string of appointments due to frozen pipes over Christmas.

She said: “It was at that time I just thought 'no, I can’t be doing this', it’s so unprofessional and I’ve worked hard all year to keep these clients, that I want to make lovely for Christmas, and I can’t, so it really broke my heart.

“Then I thought right, I’m going online and even though I didn’t have any sort of funds to throw at a shop I thought, I need a shop, I want a shop, that’s what I want, I’m getting one.”

Emily has now settled into her third shop site on Stretford Road, Urmston, which she hopes will become a hotspot for dog owners with its modern salon style.

To introduce the shop to their new neighbours, Short, Bark & Sides hosted a launch party on Saturday, with goodie bags and treats for the dogs, with prosecco and baked goods for their two-legged companions.

After a good start in the new venue, Emily is now feeling positive about the business she started as a young adult, inspired by multiple trips to the dog groomers with her childhood poodle, Charlie, on whom the shops logo is now partially based.

Emily said: “I’ve been dead busy, which is lovely. I’ve had some walk-ins, which is nice, to have people walking past and popping in so you don’t feel as isolated.

“I just can’t wait to get going and see what the future holds.”

More information about Short, Bark & Sides is available here.