The prevention of suicide could be added to the school curriculum after tens of thousands signed a petition set up by a dad from Sale.

Mike Palmer, whose daughter Beth Palmer took her own life as a teenager, started the campaign alongside Andy Airey and Tim Owen.

The 'Three Dads Walking', as the trio are known, raise awareness and money for PAPYRUS by trekking all over the country.

Some two years ago, they walked from Andy's home in Morland, Cumbria to Tim's home in Shouldham, Norfolk and last year, they walked between the parliaments of all the nations of the UK.

Now, the prevention of suicide could be added to the school curriculum after around 160,500 people signed a petition set up by the 'Three Dads Walking', triggering a debate at Westminster Hall.

In the discussion Sale MP Mike Kane commended his constituent, as well as Andy and Tim, all of whom were in attendance.

Messenger Newspapers:

Mr Kane said: "Mike tells me some of the most powerful stories the three dads hear on their walks are from those who have experienced severe mental health episodes, and in some cases have attempted suicide, but who have overcome those struggles and are now living a happy and full life. Those stories show hope is always possible and people, especially with support, can overcome the worst mental health struggles. 

"Is an alternative outcome for families affected by suicide not worth fighting for? Surely the testimonies starkly demonstrate what is at stake if we do not act and what we can offer if we do act. 

"By providing life-saving knowledge to our young people, we can give them and their families an alternative path, a path to hope, a path to a happy and full life for them and their loved ones. 

"That is a path that everyone deserves."

In response to the petition, Conservative MP Nick Fletcher confirmed a commitment by the Education Secretary to include the prevention of suicide in a review of Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) in the school curriculum.

Mr Fletcher said: "I was delighted last week to receive a letter for the three dads and I from the Secretary of State for Education, who said the government is including suicide prevention as a key priority area in their forthcoming review of RSHE, a move I welcome. This is a real step forward."

This article was written by Jack Tooth. To contact him, email or follow @JTRTooth on Twitter.