A spoken history of Old Trafford has been shared across its streets in an audio trail of stories to look for, find and listen to.

The OT Audio Trail is a collection of spoken memories shared by residents past and present.

Each of the stories is linked to the building or street where a listening point is displayed, creating an oral history of the area told by the people who have played, worked and lived in Old Trafford over the last seven decades.

Created by community art collective OT Creative Space, the audio trail features 44 recordings across 33 locations including Ayres Road, Seymour Park and Chorlton Road. QR codes displayed in each of the locations can be scanned by listeners to hear tales of Old Trafford and long-gone landmarks.

Lifelong resident Jeanette McLaughlin, 77, shared her memories of growing up in post-war Old Trafford after being approached by Lynda Sterling, owner of OT Creative Space.

She said: “I already knew Lynda quite well because she does a lot of community art projects in the area, so it was lovely to be invited to take part in one of them and share my memories of growing up.£

In one of the stories she shared, Jeanette describes how her mum scoured bombed-out, war-torn streets for a house with windows intact.

She said: “Their house had a hole in the roof, like most of them did just after the war.

“My mum hated it, so she went out one day and traipsed up and down the streets looking for a better house with no holes and one that still had windows in it.

“She found one in Firswood and went straight to the owner to arrange to pay the rent.

"Then she went back to the old house, packed up all our stuff, paid a rag and bone man to move everything with his horse and cart and then went to pick my brothers up from school – all in a day.

“Unfortunately, she forgot to tell my dad, so when he finished work and went home he had no idea where everyone had gone.”

Sisters Sunera and Saleha Bhana shared their memories of growing up in Old Trafford after being approached by OT Creative Space artist David Nguyen.

Sunera, 29, said: “David used to live near us and loved the fact that every Eid we had a bouncy castle on the street where everyone came together to celebrate.

“He explained what he wanted to do with the audio trail and asked us if we had any stories about growing up here that we’d like to share.

“Saleha and I have lived in Old Trafford our whole lives and have such happy memories.

"One of my favourites is all the girls in the street, seven or eight of us, coming together to play cricket on Stamford Street for hours every evening.

"It’s so amazing to think that these memories are now being shared as part of Old Trafford history.”

OT Creative Space has created an interactive map showing each location where stories can be found.

For those who no longer live in Old Trafford but are keen to reminisce, all of the stories are available to listen to online.

Both the map and the stories can be found at www.otcreativespace.co.uk/ot-audio-trail