According to Sport England, disabled people are twice as likely to be physically inactive compared to those without a disability.

The MileShyClub is a walking and running group who’ve reinvigorated an unlikely route that allows disabled and older people to get their steps up indoors - in the Trafford Centre.

Chief executive and founder of MileShyClub, Jane Dennison spoke about the benefits of the group.

She said: “A lot of the people we work with are coming back from Covid so a lot of them are struggling to get back to society and meet people again.

“We’ve got a lot of people in our groups who have experienced bereavement, in this group today we have someone who lost someone just a few weeks ago.”

The group is free to make it as accessible as possible for those who need their support.

Each session starts with a warm-up that aims to increase strength, mobility and balance, then everyone embarks on a gentle walk of approximately one mile around the Trafford Centre.

For many of us walking a mile isn’t a big task, but Jane explained the significance of walking for older and less able people.

She said: “You could argue the walking isn’t that strenuous for up to a mile, but some people can’t do a mile and that’s fine.

"That’s why we also do rest breaks and include balance and coordination work so people can get stronger and work up to that mile.”

They finish with some cool-down stretches -and after the last session of each month they go bowling.

Jan Addison is a carer who discussed the benefits of an indoor walking group.

She said: “Inside we can do it all year round which is super. Our guys get used to it as well, meeting the same people so it gets them into a routine.

"It’s nice we don’t have to stop because of our wonderful inclement weather in Manchester.”

There’s also an added socialisation benefit that comes from the hustle and bustle of the Trafford centre.

Jan added: “You’ve got the social aspect as well. People are interacting with other members of the public and meeting with their friends as well which is very important especially since the pandemic.”

Paul Addison, Jan’s husband and colleague, also highlighted the importance of the social as well as the physical exercise.

He said: “The group is very friendly and during these winter months we’re pretty much cocooned indoors, whereas this allows us to meet the community, great exercise for the guys and it’s community-based we can meet other people as well.”

You can find out more about the MileShyClub on their website or Facebook page.