THE Manchester congestion charge is nothing more than a Stealth Health tax.

The strategic planners of Greater Manchester Health Authority decided that Manchester Royal Infirmary should be turned into a super hospital.

Great, now look where MRI is, the only Public transport to it is by bus, if you are lucky enough to be on the routes.

Other than that you have to get to the centre of Manchester by multiple forms of public transport and then catch the bus. The easiest way to get there is the vilified car.

If the strategic planners had looked they could have built a brand new hospital above the M602 adjacent Hope Hospital, built a new rail station on the line below, extended the Metro link 500 yards, motorway access roads. In the event of a major incident, helipad on top with helicopters able to refuel at Barton Aerodrome. Simple no congestion in Manchester.

No we have to have MRI, no rail, no Metrolink, no motorway link, just congestion charge!

Is it me or has Manchester Council and the NW NHS created this problem and oops they now expect us to pay for the privilege?

Please start lobbying your Councillors before being sick or visiting relatives/friends breaks the bank, remember all children's hospital needs are moving to MRI.

A. Rowland, Davyhulme, Manchester