Trafford Council is set to defend its refusal of a proposal for a hotel despite the risk of substantial costs in compensation to the developer.

A plan for a 10-storey hotel between Chester Road and Hornby Road was refused on March 10.

At the time, three reasons were offered for the refusal of the proposal, which went against planning officers' recommendations. These were a detrimental impact on the appearance of the area, a detrimental impact on overlooked properties and a lack of parking.

But Acre Hotels has appealed the decision and, as part of their preparation to defend itself in front of the Planning Inspectorate, planning officers have discovered issues with all three reasons.

According to legal advice sought by the council, it was at risk of substantial costs in compensation to Acre Hotels if no action was taken.

Despite the risk, councillors on the Planning and Development Management Committee on July 14 decided to stand by all three reasons.

Cllr Daniel Bunting, whose opinions were shared by a number of others, said: "If it was a tall, elegant tower, which this sure as hell is not, then we might be able to work our way around it.

Messenger Newspapers: An illustration of the hotel. Picture: Stride TreglownAn illustration of the hotel. Picture: Stride Treglown

"But this is a large, lumpen mess. If we are not going to refuse this sort of thing, we might as well put a sign up on the outside: 'Planning Department closed, build whatever the hell you like'."

However, some alterations were made to the reasons after planning officers' recommendations.

The first reason, the detrimental impact on the appearance of the area, had all reference to the hotel's height removed.

Meanwhile the third reason, the lack of parking, had all reference to accessible spaces removed.

The Planning Inspectorate is now set to consider the appeal and allow it, overturning the refusal, or dismiss it, rubberstamping the refusal.

If the appeal is allowed, and if the developer applies for them, it can also consider whether to award the substantial costs to Acre Hotels.