An U15 girls lacrosse team in Sale have made history in more ways than one during their participation at the Flags tournament event.

Back in April the Brooklands Black U15 team played against Oxton in a fiercely contested final.

Both teams had scored 10 goals each at full time, meaning the result hinged upon the next goal in extra time.

But after just one minute, Brooklands Black was able to gain possession and sprint towards the goal.

The girls were then able to shoot – and they scored a ‘golden goal’, crowning them the U15 northern champions.

However, not only did the girls win the event, but lacrosse rules have changed forever in light of their participation. 

The victory has set a new precedent for girls lacrosse in the North as it was the first time in history that the top two U15 girls teams were even invited to play at the Flags tournament.

The Flags is one of the most anticipated events in the annual lacrosse calendar where all major finals for the North of England take place over the course of a weekend.

And historically, it had always been a men’s-only event - until now.

Manager Jo Leary has been brimming with pride ever since the victorious day and said she was "super proud" of the girls and "over the moon" with the outcome.

“I was crying, all the parents were crying – they were in bits, it was absolutely amazing.

“Oxton are an amazing team and their coach is an amazing coach for England, so for her to witness what our girls can do too, it’s amazing", Ms Leary added.

The rules are now going to change for the benefit of girls lacrosse with teams now being invited across the country to participate in the key knockout event.

However, Ms Leary said it remains to be seen for schools to properly invest in the sport with only a handful of state schools in Greater Manchester teaching the sport in contrast to the many private schools and Southern schools that include it in their curriculum.

Ms Leary added: “It’s bonkers why they don’t do it in schools around here.

“It will be in the Olympics, it’s crazy why the schools don’t teach it."

However, she hopes now with the girls' latest win that it will inspire local schools to pick up a lacrosse stick.

Kate Grimshaw, another manager of the team added: “The standard of lacrosse from both teams was extremely high and showed the boys what they can achieve.”

Both managers also extended their thanks to coaches, Vics Law and Rob Arnison.

Ms Leary said: “The coaches were just glowing with pride.

“The girls have got to this amazing point in lacrosse because of these two outstanding coaches”.

The team itself on that eventful day was led by captain, Molly Grimshaw, and was made up of Emma Arnison, Anna Brennand, Amelia Crompton, Hannah Faulkner, Tia Fitzgerald, Lily-Grace Greer, Maya Guhathakurta, Rosie Heywood, Alexia Howarth, Eva Hurst, Liv Laithwaite, Evie Morris, Gabby Read, Emma Smith and Sienna White.