A total of 20 new apartments are to be built in Sale.

Plans from Breandan Flynn Investments Ltd, an investment firm based in Levenshulme, were given the green light by Trafford council’s planning committee.

The proposals for the Victorian Village at 11 to 13 Raglan Road involve the demolition of the building’s existing extensions, completing internal reconfigurations and building replacement extensions as well as a separate, three-storey new build structure to create 20 apartments.

The new homes will be made up of six one-bedroom flats and 14 two-bedroom flats.

The application received a number of objections from nearby residents who either felt the plans would result in their properties being overlooked, the massing of the new building work would be overbearing, or new homes in the area would bring more noise and pollution.

One resident said: “We strongly object to the development. Overdevelopment of the site will be detrimental in terms of increased carbon emissions and loss of and damage to trees on site. There is a high level of ground works to dig out a significant area for additional parking, which could damage root networks and affect drainage on site and increased risk of flooding.

“The development of the block would have restricted lighting, is this suitable for living spaces? The development will have a detrimental impact on surrounding neighbours with increased noise, pollution and an increased number of cars.”

Despite residents concerns, Trafford council’s planning committee approved the application in full, with a lengthy list of conditions, including the need for proper drainage on site, the installation of electric vehicle charging points and the provision of a ramp to ensure the building is properly accessible.

The application had 25 conditions placed on its full approval in total.

During the meeting when the application was decided, council officer Miss Milner said: “The building is recognised to be of historic and architectural importance, but is currently in a state of disrepair, with a number of inappropriate additions to the building which detract from its visual appearance.

“Extensions to the building are considered appropriate in the context and overall they’re thought to represent an overall improvement to the existing situation. The new block is also thought to be appropriate in size and scale.”

Officers recommended the application for approval and planning committee members approved the application in full.