A PARTNERSHIP between Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and a domestic abuse organisation in Trafford has protected more than 120 victims since it started a year ago.

Operation Horizon incorporates GMP's Adult Safeguarding Unit and Trafford Domestic Abuse Services (TDAS), a charity offering support to individuals and families alike.

Those involved in the operation visit victims to assess their safety and encourage them to engage with specialist services.

This is not itself a new idea, but since the start of the operation the visits involve both officers from GMP and independent domestic violence advocates from TDAS to ensure a better level of support.

As well the visits, the partnership also provides victims with mobile phones and smart doorbells to allow them to feel more safe and secure at home, and with disclosures under the Clare's Law scheme.

These disclosures allow them to be made aware of their partner's history of offending.

Finally, as well as supporting victims, the operation is about targeting the offenders themselves.

A number of them have been arrested for breaches of their domestic violence protection orders.

Detective Sergeant Louise Haslam said: "Domestic abuse is a priority for GMP, and it is important those at risk know we are here to help them, to support them and we will take their reports seriously.

"Operation Horizon is all about putting victims are the forefront of our work, and I am pleased at the impact the initiative has had and the feedback we have received from victims, many of whom experience horrific abuse behind closed doors and are terrified of being forgotten about.

"I hope Operation Horizon shows them that they will not be forgotten, that support is always available to them whether through GMP or one of our partners, and that perpetrators see their behaviour will not be tolerated."

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, or are concerned about someone else, contact police on 101 or use the LiveChat on gmp.police.uk. In an emergency, contact police on 999.

For information on TDAS, go to tdas.org.uk.