Moonpig has given Louis Theroux's viral 'My Money' rap a unique twist in its new card. 

By now, you will have most likely heard of the popular documentarian's TikTok song and have had the lyrics on repeat for some time now - you might even have perfected the dance!

Originally from one of the presenter and author's 'Weird Weekend' episodes, the catchy rap took social media by storm after the broadcaster appeared on an episode of the popular web series Chicken Shop Date with Amelia Dimoldenberg.

The viral rap became so popular that it even brought the journalist himself onto TikTok. 

@officiallouistheroux Late to the party but I made it…#rap #louistheroux ♬ My money dont jiggle jiggle - Duke & Jones

His debut video on the social media app unsurprisingly took the world by storm and now has over 7.8 million views since it was posted on April 29.

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Moonpig gives the Louis Theroux rap a unique twist in new card

If you or someone you know can't get enough of the track, Moonpig has got the perfect card for you.

Moonpig is now giving customers the chance to send their birthday wishes to fans, Louis Theroux style.

The punny birthday card has swapped out the word 'money' in the iconic lyrics for ( quite aptly) the word 'card'.

The illustrated card now reads: ‘This card don’t jiggle jiggle, it folds..” and is set to bring a smile to your face and it's going to make you wiggle, wiggle for sure.

The latest Louis Theroux design is available in various sizes from a Standard Card of 132mm x 185mm for £3.29 to a Giant Card at 293mm x 419mm for £7.99 each. 

If you don't fancy the postage, you can also pick up an ecard for as little as 99p via the Moonpig website.

Give that Louis Theroux fan in your life the ultimate card or shop Moonpig's other topical cards on the Moonpig website.