An Irish bar in Trafford has been granted extended hours to make use of its outdoor terrace area. 

Kennedy’s on Greenwood Street in Altrincham applied to extend its opening hours, the hours it can serve alcohol for and the hours it can use its outdoor terrace area.

It is already open and able to sell alcohol both on an off site every Friday and Saturday from 9am until 1am according to its existing licence from Trafford council. The site wanted to extend this to 2am, but this was refused.

For the rest of the week, the venue is allowed to serve alcohol from 9am to 11pm.

A long list of conditions was already attached to the premises licence. Some of these were removed by Trafford council as part of this most recent application, while others were added.

The council’s own Environmental officer wrote to the council raising concerns about possible noise levels at the bar which could disturb nearby residents. 

They said: “When assessing applications in the area I have to consider the close proximity of noise sensitive residential premises in the vicinity of the application site and ensure that appropriate controls are put in place as well as relevant conditions recommended to achieve the licensing objective of the prevention of public nuisance.”

The officer recommended a number of conditions be added to the bar’s licence to prevent any future disturbance.

These included keeping windows and doors shut, not allowing use of the outdoor terrace past 10pm Sunday to Thursday and 11pm Friday and Saturday, as well as the need for a noise management plan at the venue.

Trafford council’s licensing committee refused the bar’s application to extend its opening hours and the hours it can sell alcohol for, but it allowed a one hour extension to the times it can use its outdoor terrace, for smoking only.

These will now be until 11pm Sunday to Thursday and midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.