Are you looking to expand your family and welcome in a four-legged friend? Then look no further!

The RSPCA Lancashire East branch has four dogs that need rehoming.

All the dogs are up to date with vaccinations, worming, flea treatments and are microchipped.

You can also donate to the RSPCA to help it carry on its rescue work.

Here are the three dogs available for rehoming at the RSPCA. 

Adopt a dog at RSPCA Lancashire East


Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Colour: Black and white

Age: 12 Years (approx)

Messenger Newspapers: Harvey (RSPCA)Harvey (RSPCA)

Harvey is a lovely little boy with a big personality and a young heart.

Harvey came to the RSPCA with some skin issues but with the love and attention of the staff, he is improving every day.

He is confident and walks well on the lead, although doesn’t like to go too far.

He loves nothing more than attention and would do anything for a treat.

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Breed: Patterdale Terrier (Fell Terrier)

Colour: Chocolate

Age: 3 Years (approx)

Messenger Newspapers: Rosie (RSPCA)Rosie (RSPCA)

Rosie is a lovely girl who can get a little stressed when left alone for long periods of time, so will need someone who is home regularly. 

Rosie is an ex-hunting dog who needs to wear a muzzle in public to avoid chasing furry creatures. 

She is looking for someone with an active lifestyle who can take her out on long walks and spend lots of time with her.

See her full profile here.


Messenger Newspapers: Betty. (RSPCA)Betty. (RSPCA)

Breed: Beagle Crossbreed

Colour: White and Tan

Age: 1 Years (approx)

Betty is a beautiful young pup that loved to do lots sniffs on her walks and to roll around in the grass. 

Her favourite game is to play fetch and also loves lots of cuddles and fuss. 

Betty can be unsure and less confident when out on walks in new places and can become more confident, therefore Betty is looking for a home with a confident dog.

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Messenger Newspapers: Forrest (RSPCAForrest (RSPCA

Breed: Crossbreed/ Unknown

Colour: White and Tan

Age: 1 Years (approx)

Forrest is a young x-breed who hasn't seen much of the world and can be nervous is some situations.

He is very loving and active, he's currently learning a little bit of obedience work and progressing well, due to his age he would thrive with continuing this work in the future. 

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