THE leader of the Conservative Group lost his seat on Trafford Council on a disastrous day for the Tories in the elections.

Nathan Evans was a councillor for Timperley from 2014 and the leader of the Conservatives since Sean Anstee stood down, but he lost his seat to Will Frass (Liberal Democrat). 

Elsewhere, the other wards to turn their back on the Conservatives were Ashton Upon Mersey, Hale Central and Village.

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Residents there elected Tony O’Brien (Labour), Jane Leicester (Green) and Shaun Ennis (Liberal Democrat) respectively.

The result was in line with the national trend as the Conservatives lost hundreds of seats, with some blaming Boris Johnson and the Government for their handling of issues such as the cost of living crisis and Partygate.

Messenger Newspapers: The count at Lancashire Cricket Club.The count at Lancashire Cricket Club.

But delivering a damning assessment of the Conservatives' campaign in Trafford, council leader Andrew Western said the result has been coming in the borough for some time.

Cllr Western told The Messenger: "I think it was coming regardless of the national situation. They’ve failed to offer anything by way of opposition for several years now and the residents of Trafford have given their verdict.

"There is nothing surprising about this."

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And on Ashton Upon Mersey, which has replaced a Conservative councillor with a Labour councillor at the last three elections, he added: "The change in the ward is incredible. 

"It’s a terrible day for the Tories, but we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact it’s a brilliant day for us."

Messenger Newspapers: Trafford Council leader Andrew Western.Trafford Council leader Andrew Western.

Mr Evans was not available for comment after the result was announced, but he tweeted as Lancashire Cricket Club closed for the day at the end of the count.

He said: "Thank you for all the votes. I haven't made it over the line. It's been an honour to support the residents of Timperley. 

"I wish your new Lib Dem councillor all the best. It's over and out from the @TimperleyWard."

Labour is now the biggest group on the council by 28 seats, a remarkable turnaround from when the council was under the control of the Conservatives in 2018.

An all-out election in 12 months presents the Conservatives with a chance to come back, but if anything it is the Greens and Liberal Democrats who will look to this with relish.

Messenger Newspapers: Lib Dems Shaun Ennis and Will Frass.Lib Dems Shaun Ennis and Will Frass.