PARENTS were sent into a panic this week after Trafford Council’s primary school place allocation website crashed.

Families waiting to see where their little ones would end up going to their first school were poised and ready to go on the night of Monday, April 18.

But they were not able to access the vital information due to a technical hitch.

Emails due to be sent out a midnight ended up being delayed because of the issue.

It caused some parents to take to Twitter, demanding help from the council.

Leila Shahidi tweeted: “Trafford Council – school admissions!? When will we find out? No one can access the portal and no emails have been sent. All the other councils have managed to release their places. Seems to be just Trafford that hasn’t managed it!? Update would be nice!?”

Zoe Johnson added: “Trafford Council, looks like you’ve got an issue with your email system, the school admissions emails haven’t gone out and no one can login to the portal.”

While user JonEd tweeted: “Any news on the website for schools admissions? No codes being sent out. Has it crashed?”

And Sarah Melling said: “Trafford Council please fix the schools portal! Not ideal that it’s gone down on the day we find out primary places. Not getting the email in step two of the login.”

The council has now apologised to all those affected by the crash and it is understood the issue has now been fully resolved.

If any parents are still experiencing difficulties accessing the site, the council has urged them to get in touch.

A spokesperson for Trafford Council said: "Trafford Council would like to apologise to any parents and carers who may have experienced a delay in receiving their primary school offer notifications.

"The notifications were scheduled to be sent by email at midnight on Monday, April 18, 2022, but unfortunately due to technical issues they were issued the following morning at 9.45am after the IT issue was resolved.

"The Admissions Service have been working relentlessly to ensure the applications were processed to meet parental preference.”

A total of 94 per cent of families were allocated their first preference school, with 99 per cent of families achieving one of their top three choices.