PLANS to convert a 1950s former family home that has ‘been allowed to grow out of control’ into an eight-bedroom house-share have been rejected.

The private owner’s proposals for 90 Moss Vale Road in Stretford had already garnered opposition from councillors and residents before they came to Trafford Council’s planning committee.

Councillors said they have watched the property grow seemingly week by week and slammed the home’s design and the owner’s plans as ‘out of character’ and ‘wrong’.

The plans were to turn the existing semi-detached, recently extended six-bedroom house into an eight-bedroom house of multiple occupancy (HMO).

Opposition to the plans centred around the recent extensions, possible future noise and disturbance from the address, the scale and quality of the accommodation there and the impact on the surrounding area.

However, council officers said the accommodation proposed at the originally three-bedroom home met all council and nationally required standards and recommended the plans for approval.

Cllr Mike Cordingley and Cllr David Acton, who represent Gorse Hill Ward where the building sits, both spoke against the plans at the committee meeting on April 14.

Cllr Cordingley said: “This application is an example of the extent to which we are allowing the squeezing of families into smaller spaces. The planning report suggests that the proposals will provide future occupants with a good standard of living accommodation. With all respect, I totally disagree with that.

“My honest opinion is that that is wrong. Residents are worried about it being overbearing, I’m concerned about air quality – this property is right next to the M60. I hope that the committee will look at this with fresh eyes. HMOs get waved through far too easily and this is a good opportunity to pull one up short.”

Cllr Acton added: “I feel very strongly against this development and change of use. This [property] now stands out as something completely different from what was there before and is out of character in that area. I recognise that there is permitted development, but I have watched this grow week by week and grow out of control.

“It completely overdevelops [the area] and stretches over [the neighbouring property] in my view. I will not be supporting this application.”

Owner of the property, Mr Shah, said: “I wish to give some context as to why this proposal has been put forward.”

He shared details of having bought the property originally to live in it himself with his family, but shortly after his father contracted Covid, became severely ill and his mother later suffered a heart attack.

He said he and his wife then made the decision to move in with his parents to become their full-time carers.

He added: “Having already put so much time and effort into the property, I wanted to keep the property as an asset. This was one of my first ventures in dealing with properties. More and more people are looking for short-term opportunities to rent in shared houses with all bills included.”

Mr Shah added a management plan would be implemented and all neighbours would be given contact details to ensure this was maintained.

Despite this, the committee voted to reject the plans, citing a loss of amenity for neighbours and nearby residents and the poor standard of accommodation that the eight bedrooms would offer to residents.