Last week, Cath Kidston announced that it would be releasing a new collection with designs relating to the character of Matilda from the Roald Dahl children's book.

The retailer is known for its collaborations and has previously teamed up with Disney and Warner Bros.

Announcing the upcoming range, Cath Kidston said: "In a season where we anchor our storytelling in the importance of arts, Roald Dahl’s Matilda inspired our print team through her story of self belief and bravery.

"Join us for a celebration of one of the best-loved characters in literature. Matilda is at the heart of this special series of pieces and prints - one we can’t wait to share with our community and coming soon."

Messenger Newspapers: Two of the dresses available in the collection (Cath Kidston)Two of the dresses available in the collection (Cath Kidston)

Cath Kidston has now announced that the collection will be available both in-store and online on Monday, April 11.

What's in the Cath Kidston Matilda collection?

There are a number of items spread across a number of categories, including fashion, bags and homeware.

A number of dresses and pyjamas are available, with designs of flowers and the original illustrations of the character by Quentin Blake.

Messenger Newspapers: Cath Kidston Matilda collection kids clothes (Cath Kidston)Cath Kidston Matilda collection kids clothes (Cath Kidston)

The floral theme extends to the bags and mugs as part of the collection, with the majority of the pieces linked to nature or with a lush background.

There are also several items of clothing for children, with a few dresses, pyjama sets and backpacks to choose from.

Messenger Newspapers: Cath Kidston homeware items (Cath Kidston)Cath Kidston homeware items (Cath Kidston)

In terms of further items in the homeware category, there are several tubs for food storage, glasses, aprons and much more.

You can currently shop the new ranges at Cath Kidston on their website here whilst you wait for the Matilda collection to arrive.