The Met Office has said the UK will be getting summer-like temperatures this week, including across Trafford.  

Throughout the week Trafford will see sun, heat, and no clouds with highs of 18 degrees expected to hit the area.

Now is the time to get out your summer wardrobe and put away your winter coats. 

On Tuesday you can expect the hottest day with temperatures to rise to 18C with sunny skies throughout the day and very little wind of 17 mph.

Wednesday and Thursday have similar forecasts with 17C and 16C predicted respectively, as well as sunny skies and very little wind throughout the day. 

Met Office meteorologist Greg Dewhurst said: “We’re going to keep high pressure just to the east of the UK and that means it will be largely dry and settled with plenty of sunny spells.

“There is the odd exception, there could just be an isolated shower across the Midlands on Monday, perhaps northern England on Tuesday, but they’re going to be very isolated and most places will be dry and sunny.”

Thursday and Friday are expected to again be very sunny and reach 16C. 

While the weekend will be a little milder, with highs of 15C and 14C on Saturday and Sunday, it is still expected to be sunny with no clouds in the sky. 

This week's mini 'heat wave' is just a hint of what is expected to reach the UK in April, with the first two weeks of the month reaching mid to high twenty. 

It's a relief for us all after the many storms and rain across the North West earlier this year.