Mother’s Day is coming up and as many of us know, they can be a nightmare to shop for!

If you want to give your mother something a bit more special this year, then how about the gift of ultimate relaxation – a hot tub!

After a long, hard day, gift your mother the chance to relax, destress and chill out in her very own hot tub.

Lay-Z-Spa has an incredible range of hot tubs that can suit just about every space. Better yet, they don’t break the bank either!

Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs for Mother’s Day

For a totally memorable gift, how about the bestselling Nordic designed Helsinki AirJet™. This is one of Lay-Z-Spa’s best selling tubs and has a drop stitch material and smart Freeze Shield™ technology so your mum can use it all year round.

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The highlight of the hot tub is the 180 AirJet™ massage system which relaxes muscles and lowers stress whilst simultaneously enabling users to enjoy therapeutic bubbles in seconds.

The Hollywood AirJet™ is a great luxury gift this Mother’s Day. It has a dazzling LED system that will light up those dusky summer nights and can be controlled by remote control.

The hot tub also boasts four brand new soft touch Lay Z Spa pillows to ensure a truly restful experience.

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This one is slightly more expensive, but perfect if you’re splitting the cost with a sibling. The Palma HydroJet Pro™ has a strong massage system that’s combined with powerful Airjets and Hydrojets to offer a soothing experience.

It also comes with Aqua Glow™ water powered LED lights that can be easily installed and are perfect for an evening of relaxing or entertaining, as well as containing built-in-seats and backrests, perfect for the ultimate chill evening!

You can purchase these hot tubs on the Lay-Z-Spa website, B&Q and The Range.