LEGO and PlayStation have teamed up to create a new LEGO set inspired by the world of Horizon Forbidden West.

Guerrilla, an acclaimed developer, was also part of the collaboration that saw the LEGO set come to life.

Fans of the videogame Horizon Forbidden West can enjoy the videogame in brick form with the 1,222-piece set.

Now building the Horizon universe doesn’t just have to happen on screen because the build and display model is enough to get imaginations flowing and immersed in the 31st century without the technology.

Messenger Newspapers: The LEGO® Horizon Forbidden West™ Tallneck set in its box (LEGO/Canva)The LEGO® Horizon Forbidden West™ Tallneck set in its box (LEGO/Canva)

This set is for adults who can’t get enough of the Horizon universe or Aloy, the fierce machine hunter.

With this set comes a new headpiece for Aloy, the watcher machine in a choice of blue, yellow or red eyes and her bow and brick-built spear.

You’ll also find the Tallneck, the machine used by Aloy to explore areas in her mission, with a disk-shaped head and long slim legs.

Before displaying the model, fans can add the finishing touches such as the brick-built birch tree, tall grass and a rusty stoplight.

Messenger Newspapers: The LEGO® Horizon Forbidden West™ Tallneck set when built (LEGO/Canva)The LEGO® Horizon Forbidden West™ Tallneck set when built (LEGO/Canva)

The Horizon Tallneck model measures more than 34 cm high, 23 cm wide and 17 cm deep so start clearing a space for your masterpiece now.

How to buy the LEGO Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck set

If you’d like to get your hands on the new set, keep your eyes peeled for its launch in May 2022.

It will be available to buy via the LEGO website here from £69.99.

Isaac Snyder, Designer at the LEGO Group, said: “Getting to team up with Guerrilla was truly remarkable.

“The Guerrilla team is incredibly passionate about the world of Horizon Forbidden West and were a huge help in ensuring we were able to create an authentic representation in LEGO form.

"Thanks to our close collaboration we were able to include references to all the most iconic aspects of Horizon Forbidden West, from incredible machines, mysterious ruins, unique tribes, and stunning scenery.

“There is a huge amount of mutual respect between the design teams and everyone involved was beyond excited to see this model come to life! Our hope is that everyone building this model has as much fun as we did designing it.”