A GOLF course in Altrincham is asking its members and other residents to donate bird boxes to boost the area's avian population.

Paul Murray, general manager of Altrincham Golf Course and Driving Range, thinks these boxes are needed to make up for the loss of habitats elsewhere.

He and the team at the golf course are asking for members and other residents to donate bird boxes, before children at St Vincent's Catholic Primary School decorate them.

The aim is to allow these children to learn about birds and their importance for the environment, with some of the boxes even containing cameras for ongoing observation.

Paul said: "The course is a wonderful green space directly in the heart of the town centre. It’s a special place, with over 100 acres of land, which is home to many breeds of birds.

"We're asking our local community to help us to look after this green space for the long term, and to help us to protect and to maximise the bird population."

On the involvement of children at St Vincent's Catholic Primary School, he added: "It’s fantastic to involve local children with this environmental initiative.

"It’s a hands-on approach that'll add value and understanding for them, plus I can’t wait to see their hand-decorated bird boxes brightening up the course."

According to Paul, the bird boxes can be old or new and all shapes and sizes.

Once the boxes are installed, the golf course will work with biodiversity consultancy company Biora to monitor the birds in them.

Jenny Oliver, managing director of Biora, said: "There really is a biodiversity emergency across the country right now, but we can all do something to help tackle it, however small we start."

To donate bird boxes, go to Altrincham Golf Course and Driving Range's clubhouse between January 20 and Febuary 20.