A 'GREAT' dad who died of a drug overdose was not trying to take his own life, a coroner has ruled.

Karl Aikenhead died at Wythenshawe Hospital on May 28 after a combination of cocaine and a medication belonging to wife Claire Aikenhead caused a cardiac arrest.

The 36-year-old was 'devastated' at a decision to leave his home in Partington a week earlier after Mrs Aikenhead discovered he was taking cocaine.

But at an inquest at Manchester South Coroner's Court in Stockport on Wednesday, area coroner Chris Morris came to a conclusion of misadventure rather than suicide.

Mr Morris said: "Karl was a much-loved family man. A big character and a great dad."

"It is obvious he is very sorely missed, and he leaves a deep hole in his family's lives."

Although in his 30s, Karl suffered from several, significant health issues including a severe bad back.

This issue persisted until around two weeks before he died when, according to Mrs Aikenhead, he was healed in a 'miracle' at a church in Partington.

She said: "He was healed. He went in with pain and he came out free from pain."

Despite the 'miracle', Mrs Aikenhead said Karl struggled with withdrawal from the medication he had been taking for the pain.

On May 20, she discovered he was taking cocaine, and he agreed to leave their home in Partington to allow them some space.

But as Karl left, he took with him some medication belonging to Mrs Aikenhead.

During a call with his wife on the night of May 20, Karl said he had discarded the medication. He also said he was planning to sleep in the car before arranging some accommodation the following day.

Mrs Aikenhead said: "He was fine. I got off the call and I went to sleep. I didn't have any anxiety he was going to do anything. He said he loved me."

However, in the early hours of the following day, Karl took a combination of cocaine and the medication and then he went to Wythenshawe Hospital.

He recorded a message on his phone in the car park, which Mrs Aikenhead later watched, but then deleted.

She said: "He said he loved the children and he was sorry. He said God healed him two weeks ago and he was going to trust God to do it again."

"He wanted to scare me so the hospital would ring me up and I would go to the hospital and say all is OK."

Karl soon started to deteriorate at Wythenshawe Hospital and had a cardiac arrest.

He was stabilised and treated in intensive care, but all interventions failed and he died on May 28.

Mr Morris said the evidence of Mrs Aikenhead, as well as the evidence of a consultant at Wythenshawe Hospital, a GP and a police coroner's officer, did not suggest Karl was trying to take his own life.

He suggested those who are trying to take their own life do not tend to take themselves to hospital.

He said: "Suicide can never be assumed. These are not the actions of someone who intended to bring about his own death."

Addressing Mrs Aikenhead, he added: "My sentiments go to you. I'm so sorry for the dramatic and sudden way you lost a very special man indeed."