STRETFORD'S Kate Green is after a meeting with Royal Mail to address a 'black hole' of deliveries in the area.

UPDATE: MP's update on postal problems in Stretford and Old Trafford.

The MP is taking action after residents in Stretford, as well as in Old Trafford, complained of no post in months.

Although some roads in the area seem to be receiving their deliveries as normal, other roads are not receiving them at all, with residents missing important post such as bank cards or doctor's appointments.

In a post on social media on Wednesday, January 5, Ms Green said she had been in touch with Royal Mail for some time, and she had been told the reason for the problem was sickness and staff shortages.

The MP was also told there were some attempts to recruit additional workers at a delivery office on Norton Street.

However, as the problem persists into the New Year, Ms Green wants a meeting with the management of Royal Mail themselves.

She said: "It's clear things have not improved and I'm therefore seeking a meeting with Royal Mail management as soon as possible to discuss the concerns raised with me.

"I will provide updates as soon as I can and I appreciate many people locally will have faced delays to important items of post over recent weeks.

"In the meantime, I wanted to give my thanks to the Royal Mail staff who have been working throughout the pandemic to provide a local service."

Residents are also raising concerns with their councillors, such as Sarah Haughey, councillor for Longford Ward.

Messenger Newspapers: Kate Green MP (Image: PA).Kate Green MP (Image: PA).

But as well as answering these concerns, Cllr Haughey has a problem with her own post in what she describes as a 'black hole'.

She said: "It's an absolute disaster. I've absolutely tons of stuff missing.

"It doesn't make sense, different people have been told different things."

Among the post missing for Cllr Haughey is a bank card, birthday cards and Christmas cards, and Waterstones vouchers worth £50.

"These are only the things I know about," she said.

Responding to residents' concerns, a spokesperson for Royal Mail said deliveries are as normal in most of the country, but there is support for all the delivery offices affected by sickness and staff shortages.

They declined to explain their approach to tackling the backlog in Stretford and Old Trafford.

They said: "We are providing targeted support to the local offices affected by these issues.

"Our staff are continuing to work incredibly hard, as they have done throughout the pandemic, and we are thankful for all of their efforts and determination."

People can contact Royal Mail's customer services on 08457 740 740 or on